Applying for a role with Abbeyfield

Applying for a role with Abbeyfield couldn't be easier. Once you've found your perfect role you simply need to click apply and register your details - this will allow you to log in at any time to check the status of your application or apply for another role.

Once you've registered you can upload your CV or fill in an application form for your selected job. 

If there are no roles currently available which match your criterias you can also sign up for job alerts so we can notify you about new roles. Once you receive an alert you'll be able to view the job and decide whether to apply - easy right?!

What happens to my application?

When we’ve received your application, we’ll review it based on your qualifications, experience and values. For example, in our front line roles we look for key attributes like respect for others, compassion, commitment, trustworthiness and team working.

If selected for a role, you’ll have a simple interview and open chat where we take the time to get to know you, find out more about what you can bring to the role and a chance to find out more about Abbeyfield and what to expect in the role.

What can I do to make my application stand out?

Making sure your CV stands out is vital when applying for jobs as we look at hundreds of applications on a daily basis. Below we’ve listed some top tips for writing a great job application.

  • Don’t rush your application – take your time.
    Make sure you read through the job description carefully so you can personalise your experiences based on the criteria set out. Having a personalised application which meets the role requirements will stand out more as we are able to see you are an excellent candidate.

  • Sell yourself well aka 'big yourself up!'
    It’s important that when you’re writing your application, you write it in a way that shows the positive impacts you’ve made in your previous roles. We want to see all the great things you’ve achieved throughout your career so far, what skills you have that match the job criteria and any additional skills you have that you can offer in the role.

  • Make sure it’s relevant
    Whilst you might think it’s important to include every single bit of experience that you have, you should ensure that you place a greater emphasis on the skills and experience relevant for the role. You should highlight the most relevant parts of your skills and experience at the top of your application and add any additional experience that doesn’t directly relate towards the end. It’s worth getting someone else to have a look at your application to check the length, grammar and spelling and to see if there’s anything else you might have missed.

  • Include a cover letter
    A cover letter gives you the chance to write something to the hiring manager directly; allowing you to communicate your passion for the role and the company. If there is an option to submit a cover letter, you should, even if it’s optional, as it will improve your chance of distinguishing your application.

Next steps

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